Congratulations!  You are now the proud owner of an original piece of functional art by Essarai Ceramics!  Here are some tips to ensure the care of your piece:

  1. Because you are the very first person to use this handmade piece, in the first 5-10 uses, it is highly recommended to begin with liquid temperatures around 120° -150°, increasing to boiling (200°).  This prevents any initial shock to the piece which could result in cracking; initial precautions will ensure longevity.  

  2. Avoid quickly alternating between iced and hot drinks within your first 5-10 uses as this can also result in shock as the clay body and glaze are still adjusting to one another. 
  3. It is normal to hear ‘tinks’ during initial usage.  You are the very first person to use this piece and as the glaze settles, this effect will disappear; it is not a sign of damage.  If you’ve purchased a piece that had ‘Opal Glaze’ in the description, the outside ‘Opal Glaze’ is going to “craze”- basically crack everywhere in an intentionally beautiful way.  Do not be alarmed if your piece with ‘Opal Glaze’ begins crazing.  
  4. If your pieces has a metallic luster or aura, it is NOT dishwasher or microwave safe; it is highly recommended that you hand wash your piece initially as it settles with usuage.

Thank you again for buying handmade art from local artisans and please email with any questions.  Enjoy!